Trina Solar’s 1P & 2P Trackers Have Received Great Response in India Market: Gaurav Mathur, Trina Solar

Trina Solar’s 1P & 2P Trackers Have Received Great Response in India Market: Gaurav Mathur, Trina Solar

Trina Solar, a global solar and smart energy solution provider, has recently received the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) certification on its latest N-type solar modules, Vertex N NEG21C.20 and Vertex N NEG19RC.20, which could translate into its expansion in the Indian marker. Gaurav Mathur, Director, Trina Solar India speaks about the trends prevailing at present in the Indian market.


What are the newest developments and innovations from Trina Solar?

We offer different modules- p-type as well as n-type. We have also entered into the storage segment. Our recent introduction is a storage solution called Elementa. We are delving into green hydrogen, and are in the process of manufacturing the electrolyser in China. We have also displayed our n-type and our 700-watt panel at the REI India.

How do you think that the Indian customer will respond to the n-type TOPCon module?

There is a strong inclination towards this latest technology. I expect that over a period of time, maybe by early next year, the adoption of n-type will be 100%. But as we know, India being a very price-conscious market, one can expect some kind of a delta between ‘p’ and ‘n’ type. Hopefully, over time, the delta will reduce and the adoption of n-type will be 100%.

How would you compare the two competing technologies- HJT and n-type TOPCon?

HJT is a new technology and Trina is already working on HJT, but commercially it’s quite expensive. This is the reason why we are not commercially launching it. However, we have big capacities of n-type in China.

Speaking about the solar tracker market now, do you think that there has been a resurgence of the solar tracker market in India?

Yes, I think there is good traction for solar trackers here in India also. In the India market, we are offering our 1P and 2P trackers, which is getting great response.

What are your expectations from the BIPV (Building-integrated Photovoltaics) market?

We have glass-to-glass modules and we have certain sealants, that are quite similar to BIPV is, but currently, Trina is not present in the BIPV market.

You have also applied for ALMM (approved List of Models and Manufacturers) and if this goes successfully, you could be the first foreign firm in India to enlist in ALMM.

We always believe in the law of the land and we have applied for ALMM. We are now waiting for approval.

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