Startup Feature – Lithos Motors

Startup Feature – Lithos Motors

Lithos Motors

Total employees: 10

Turnover: Approx. Rs 10 lakh in past 7 months.

Key operational areas (Products, Regions, Clients): Electric Bikes designing and manufacturing for last mile logistics purposes. Regions – Bangalore, Pune. Clients – Faasos.

Founding Members detail: Aditya Ganjapure, Angad Singi, Mahendra Sengar.

Turning Point for the firm

When we made our first delivery of self designed electric two wheelers to four of the ‘Faasos’ outlets. We have been making electric vehicles and electric bikes for delivery boys since the end of 2015.

Plans in next 3 to 5 years

We want to work as a catalyst for electric vehicle transition phase of India. People are moving towards sharing economy rather than owning. We can experience that with the success of Start-ups like OLA, Uber, Airbnb etc. We want to be one of the major part of electric vehicle sharing ecosystem in our country. Right now we are making vehicles for B2B food delivery companies. We are planning to deploy electric vehicles for B2C bike sharing system in coming future.

Biggest Challenge in the sector

Single biggest challenge of an EV two wheeler is that the range difference between EV and IC engine is just too massive to overcome only with product. You can easily get a range of 500-800 kms on a full tank (which only takes 2 mins) of Activa or Passion. Comparing this to EV, you get only 80 km at a full charge of 4 hrs. For EV two wheelers to become mainstream, the vehicle should be very neatly integrated with the infrastructure and the driving experience should be seamless.

Present State of Mind

Not really satisfied with the progress so far as we are entrepreneurs, we do not have the luxury of satisfaction. We should have stuck to our vision of bike sharing and keeping that a base we should have built our bikes. But, in the B2B space as well, we created a very well differentiated product which was applauded by Faasos and Dominos and is extensively used in Faasos for over 2 years now.

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