Aditya Ganjapure

Startup Feature – Lithos Motors

Total employees: 10 Turnover: Approx. Rs 10 lakh in past 7 months. Key operational areas (Products, Regions, Clients): Electric Bikes designing and manufacturing for last mile logistics purposes. Regions – Bangalore, Pune. Clients – Faasos. Founding Members detail: Aditya Ganjapure, Angad Singi, Mahendra Sengar. Turning Point for the firm When we made our first delivery […]

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Can India Beat China in Li-ion Battery Manufacturing and its Pricing?

The arrival of Li-ion batteries has been nothing short of a blessing in the world of technology and gadgets. These batteries are more energy dense compared to both Lead acid and Nickel Metal Hydride. That’s why Li-ion cells are widely used in Automotive, Laptops & Cameras, and other Electronics equipment nowadays. India recently started venturing […]

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