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Solar Storm Houses as Fuel alarms Nepal

After Nepal is dithery on power sources and depending on the sun and full-moon to light up houses, the country is majorly facing scarce on national fuel reservoirs.  With growing political turbulence and dominant protestors, the country looms on economic revamp. The country has a well economic dropout the easy and viable option for the […]

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Google to bring 5G Services through Solar Drones

Now, well-named as Internet ‘unpredictable’ Giant – Google is undergoing some Top-Secret project as it is continuously unveiling technology to an unpredictable level. After the Project Loon had turned heads – Google has appointed the same team to develop High-Speed 5G Internet services through solar drones. Yes, it’s jaw-dropping, the development named as “Project SkyBender” […]

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US Companies Waiting for a Moment to Enter Indian Solar Market

US Exim Bank announced that, several American Companies are looking for a moment in India’s renewable energy segment and are eager to engage in the National Solar Mission, recently. ‘We are working with various renewable energy organizations in the US and they are hoping to expand their business here,’ said Fred P Hochberg, Chairman of […]

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Pilot Basis Solar Plant in Kayamkulam by NTPC

A 10KW solar PV plant will be introduced on a pilot basis by the NTPC power plant at Kayamkulam. The plant is in advancement and it would be engaged very soon, Shankardas, GM of NTPC Kayamkulam has said. Speaking to a conference, he said, ‘The design and approval procedure of the solar power project had […]

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World First Solar Powered Jackets from ThermalTech

‘We are very excited to bring this technology to market,’ said Fatima Rocha, Co-founder of ThermalTech. ThermalTech is known to have unveiled patented World first solar powered fabric known as ‘Smart Fabric’. Material is stainless steel yarn; it is lightweight and garners energy from the Sun or artificial light to keep the body warm. In […]

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Potential of India’s Renewable Energy Resources

The capability of renewable energy in India – and the price tag to acknowledge– was highlighted recently by boards of energy and financing specialists. ‘The potential is colossal – the quantity of GWs is brain boggling,’ said Amit De, Sr. Strategies SkyPower Global. ‘SkyPower has resolved to manufacture 18GW of solar projects in India by […]

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Solar Panel Costs to tumble 10% Each Year – Findings

‘Sudden fall of Solar Power cost, it is likely to outrun the normal energy speculation,’ said a journal of Oxford University Researchers in its ‘Research Policy’ based on innovation, technology, R&D and science. From the early 1980’s, panels to generate power from sunlight has become 10% cheaper each year. According to the research, it is […]

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Gloucestershire Solar Plant Faces Critical Protest, Mammoth Project Halts

UK’s biggest solar ranch Projects which would have secured a zone proportionate to 150 football grounds have been tossed out after protests from locales. Campaigners said the plan for the 185,000-solar panel ranch on 262 acres of land would have “Industrialized” the pleasant banks of the River Severn in Gloucestershire. There were cheers as it […]

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India Aims to Enforce 2 GW Solar Power Capacity by this Financial Year

After a major milestone of solar energy production reached by India, Latest report cites that around 2GW of solar power capacity is expected to foster by the last financial quarters. Between January and March 2016, major facilities have been identified across four states – Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana. India has already […]

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