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Solis Seminar Episode 21: Installing AC Circuit Breakers Correctly

Background Recently, a customer reported that the circuit breaker in the fuse box of the newly installed solar PV system was experiencing an abnormal arc when it was disconnected. The customer suspected that it was caused by the inverter, however, a Solis technical engineer discovered that the circuit breakers were reversed fed. After replacing the […]

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Solis Seminar Episode 19: How to Section AC Cable for Solar PV systems

Background In PV systems, we need to consider three types of cables: PV cables, AC cables, and grounding cables. PV cables are usually laid outdoors and need to be protected from moisture, direct sunlight, cold temperatures, and ultraviolet. It is essential to choose PV-certified cabling, which cannot be replaced by conventional cabling(PV-Certified Cable’s UV protection, […]

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Saving Your Rooftop PV Plant From a Lighting Strike

Background Residential PV systems are generally installed on the rooftop of residential buildings, with a large metal surface area, higher distance from the ground and exposed location. That makes these PV systems a possible target for lightning during thunderstorms. Thus, having good lightning protection and grounding becomes key to avoid any incidents that could cause […]

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