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Solis Seminar Episode 19: How to Section AC Cable for Solar PV systems

Background In PV systems, we need to consider three types of cables: PV cables, AC cables, and grounding cables. PV cables are usually laid outdoors and need to be protected from moisture, direct sunlight, cold temperatures, and ultraviolet. It is essential to choose PV-certified cabling, which cannot be replaced by conventional cabling(PV-Certified Cable’s UV protection, […]

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Saving Your Rooftop PV Plant From a Lighting Strike

Background Residential PV systems are generally installed on the rooftop of residential buildings, with a large metal surface area, higher distance from the ground and exposed location. That makes these PV systems a possible target for lightning during thunderstorms. Thus, having good lightning protection and grounding becomes key to avoid any incidents that could cause […]

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