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Mondragon Assembly Introduces New MTS 2500 Tabber and MTS 5000 lay-up Machine

Mondragon Assembly has introduced its new MTS 2500 tabber and MTS 5000 lay-up machine. The new MTS 2500 is an evolutionary leap in the concept of Tabber Stringer machines. The design of Mondragon Assembly allows a net production capacity of 2400 cells per hour in a single welding track, making it the fastest in the […]

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Sunrun Launches Solar Plus Energy Storage System ‘Sunrun BrightBox’ in California

Sunrun has announced the availibility of Sunrun BrightBox , solar energy generation and home battery storage system in California with new features that provide homeowners greater peace of mind with backup and total home energy control. The company notes that with BrightBox, Californians can enjoy a customized and innovative solution with little to no money […]

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AnG India launches high-resolution solar powered CCTV camera at Rs 65,000

AnG India, electronic security solution providers on Monday launched a 2MP high-resolution solar powered CCTV camera named SC-IE20SP-V212R30 at Rs 65,000. The new solar powered CCTV camera features wireless high resolution digital image sensor camera with 1080p high resolution image quality and low-bandwidth power consumption that can run for 48 hours of battery once fully […]

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NEXTracker Launches NX Fusion Plus Industry’s first Solar Tracker Plus Storage Solution

NEXTracker has launched an innovative solar plus energy-storage solution ‘NX Fusion Plus’ for U.S. and international markets. NX Fusion Plus integrates solar tracker, battery, inverter, and software to deliver better return on investment to owners of solar power plants. By incorporating battery storage technology into its product, NEXTracker is further increasing the energy output and […]

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infinityPV raises 1,250,000 DKK for its compact solar charger through kickstarter campaign

Danish company infinityPV has announced that through a Kickstarter campaign raised 1,250,000 DKK (Approx. Rs. 121, 22,658) for its compact solar charger, the HeLi-on. The company notes that it has manufactured and shipped the HeLi-ons to Kickstarter backers all over the world. The flexible polymer solar cell technology used in HeLi-on has been created by […]

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Totem to Launch Energy and Communication Platform for Smart Cities soon

Totem has announced an innovative platform for modern companies and communities. The platform includes solar energy and energy storage, WiFi and 4G communications, electric vehicle charging, and smart lighting into a single, powerful product that weaves these capabilities directly into the built environment. Totem is expected to launch the product in summer 2017. “Totem believes […]

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Edwards Introduces New Smart Thermal Management System

Edwards at SEMICON Europa launched a new Thermal Management System. Smart Thermal Management System helps semiconductor, flat panel display and solar manufacturers improve their process performance and safety by reducing vacuum/abatement pipework condensation. The new Smart TMS adds feedback control to accurately maintain gas temperature in vacuum pump fore lines and exhaust lines. Unheated lines […]

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JinkoSolar ranked 16th among Fortune’s 100 Fastest-Growing Companies

JinkoSolar, a global leader in the photovoltaic (PV) industry, has announced that it was ranked 16th among Fortune magazine’s 100 Fastest-Growing Companies in 2016. Fortune magazine’s annual ranking of “100 Fastest-Growing Companies” assesses a number of growth indicators for U.S. listed companies including l revenue growth, EPS growth and net profit growth over three years. […]

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HOUZE announces the launch of ZEROCELL

HOUZE at Solar Power International 2016 trade show announced the launch of ZEROCELL. It will be launched in the USA, Europe and UAE before the end of the year. The ZEROCELL is a multi-functional appliance that serves as the nerve center for an open-source smart digital IoT ecosystem. A plug-and-play system that seamlessly transforms both […]

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