Mondragon Assembly Introduces New MTS 2500 Tabber and MTS 5000 lay-up Machine

Mondragon Assembly

Mondragon Assembly has introduced its new MTS 2500 tabber and MTS 5000 lay-up machine. The new MTS 2500 is an evolutionary leap in the concept of Tabber Stringer machines. The design of Mondragon Assembly allows a net production capacity of 2400 cells per hour in a single welding track, making it the fastest in the market.

This tabber allows the interconnection of cells up of up to 8 BB as well as the welding of half cells. In addition to its production capacity, it is also notable for its size, as it only requires 7.5 m2. It thus allows the installation of high-production lines in smaller areas.

With a rupture rate lower than 0.2%, this machine does not require major adjustments or maintenance. Its user-friendly interface allows the operator to interact with it easily.

The new MTS 5000 lay-up machine incorporates two MTS 2500 tabber stringer units, achieving a production capacity of 4800 cells per hour, which means an annual capacity of 180 Mw.

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