Solar Industry

Buy Abroad Diktat Doesn’t Worry India’s Solar Sector

India has to make suitable policy changes to protect its fledgling solar manufacturing sector from foreign competition. India has to make suitable policy changes by December this year to remove measures it had undertaken to protect its fledgling solar manufacturing sector from foreign competition, according to a recent notice issued by the Dispute Settlement Body […]

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Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop: China’s Photovoltaic Cell Production to Exceed 60GW

China Photovoltaic Industry Association Secretary-General Wang Bohua expects that Photovoltaic Cell Production will exceed 60GW in 2017 despite complex international trade environment and other challenges. It is worth taking a minute to appreciate to have a high opinion of what China is doing in solar right now. China, already known for its iconic Great Wall […]

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Sungrow Launches the Largest 10m Anechoic Chamber in PV & ESS Industry

The chamber, which cost around 5 million USD and took about two years to plan and construct, covers an area of over 700 m2 and has an internal height of 7.8m. The anechoic chamber will facilitate EMC tests for new products and help develop EMC solution technologies and products. Sungrow, the global leading inverter solution […]

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Backsheets & EVA: Enduring PV Production Behind the Scene

Most focus on solar generation is placed on the solar cells themselves, but attention should equally be paid to those components “Behind the Scenes.” What is so important about the back of a solar module? The Behind the Scene THINGs that are attached at the back of the module are one of the key process […]

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Hindustan Power Bags 15 Solar Power Generation Projects in Japan

The solar power projects will be commissioned in financial year 2017-18 with an investment of $100 million. Hindustan Power plans to run the projects for 5-7 years from the date of commissioning. Hindustan Power has acquired the rights to build 15 solar power generation projects in Japan. The bids for the projects were called by […]

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Centrotherm Subsidiary FHR Anlagenbau Wins Coating Tech Order From Manz

centrotherm’s subsidiary FHR Anlagenbau was awarded a major contract by Manz AG for the delivery of inline coating technology for CIGS solar module factories and aims at strategic partnership to further develop thin-film technology. centrotherm’s subsidiary FHR Anlagenbau has been awarded by Manz AG (Reutlingen) to deliver a number of sputtering systems for the manufacture […]

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Alright! It gave mostly new narratives to apprehend the ‘Solar’ relation between India and China.The then thought China’s shabby rural-oriented solar program in the 1990s today throws an incremental progression amid the western economic powers. What can be more assertive to say that China is today global leader has divulged as the world’s largest renewable […]

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Patent Decision in Taiwan Reaffirms Commitment of Heraeus to a Strong IP Position in Photovoltaics Industry

Despite the ruling, President of Heraeus Photovoltaics, Andreas Liebheit affirmed the company’s legal efforts to aggressively protect its industry leadership in PV metallization innovations. Heraeus Photovoltaics, the worldwide leading supplier of metallization solutions to the PV industry has announced that the Taiwanese Intellectual Property Court decided to dismiss the infringement case of Heraeus against Giga […]

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Yingli Solar showcases PANDA Bifacial, Black Silicon and many other products at PV JAPAN 2017

“Thanks to Yingli’s continuous efforts in R&D and pioneering innovations, these high efficient modules could be brought to the public. They are not only safe and reliable, but also are able to generate high returns, which could meet the increasing demand of our customers.” Yingli Green has announced that its PANDA Bifacial, Smart Hotspot Free, […]

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