solar charger

Solar Charger – The Bracelet

PRODUCT BRIEF: A solar charge in form a 3600 flexible solar cell – bracelet PRODUCT FEATURES: It is Very light and strong with a Rechargeable Battery 3000mAh. Comes with a Mini two-color LED. Have 8GB storage for your data and comes in Different color versions. PRODUCT APPLICATION: Expose your bracelet on any light source and you’ll […]

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SOUL Solar Scroll: Solar Charger

PRODUCT BRIEF: The Solar Scroll as the firm defines it is a powerful & compact solution for limitless outdoor adventures. To use it simply unroll the panel and let it soak up the energy from the sun and power up your electronic devices. PRODUCT FEATURES: The Scroll is equipped with the most advanced, reliable, durable […]

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PocketPower Solar Charger by Flextech Solar

Product Brief: The PocketPower is an ultra-portable solar charger, which can be folded and easily fit into your pocket. Product Features: Easy to clean, the product even works when underwater as long as its surface is illuminated. The Surface deep embossing + ETFE film coating+ integrated lamination, make this panel waterproof, dustproof, and super durable. […]

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Solar Paper – World’s Thinnest and Lightest Solar Charger

Product Brief: The Solar Paper by Yolk is the world’s first solar power charger that can be placed inside your note or planner. It is a paper-thin and ultra-lightweight solar charger. Product Features: The Solar Paper charger can reliably charge your smartphone in about 2.5 hours on a sunny day. That’s about the same as […]

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Larson Electronics Releases 30 Foot 100-Watt Solar Powered LED Light Tower

The SPLT-.53K-LM30-2XWP500-TLR7 from Larson Electronics is a portable, solar powered LED light tower. This powerful lighting system is equipped with two 265-watt solar panels, two 50-watt LED fixtures and two 12V 250aH 8D batteries. Larson Electronics released a solar powered LED light tower system that features two 265-watt solar panels providing 350-amp hours of usable […]

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infinityPV raises 1,250,000 DKK for its compact solar charger through kickstarter campaign

Danish company infinityPV has announced that through a Kickstarter campaign raised 1,250,000 DKK (Approx. Rs. 121, 22,658) for its compact solar charger, the HeLi-on. The company notes that it has manufactured and shipped the HeLi-ons to Kickstarter backers all over the world. The flexible polymer solar cell technology used in HeLi-on has been created by […]

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