Battery Related Fires Singe Sale of E Scooters In May

The surging demand for electric scooters seems to have been affected by the spate of battery fires across the country since summer started in earnest. Quality concerns have definitely come to the fore among prospective customers. While rising petrol prices have been pushing more and more people to shift to an electric scooter, the recent […]

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GM to hit 5 Million Electric Vehicle Sales by 2030: WoodMac

GM is expected to hit 5 million in cumulative electric vehicle sales by 2030 according to new research from Wood Mackenzie. General Motors (GM) has set an annual target for 1 million electric vehicle (EV) sales globally by the mid-2020s. Although the company will only meet half of that target by 2026, it is expected […]

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Tesla Causes Sales of Diesel Cars in Norway to Drop by 95%

Sales of some diesel cars have witnessed a 95 percent drop over the past six years in Norway, according to new research analysis.   A new analysis by Independent energy research firm, Rystad Energy has revealed that sales of certain diesel cars are in free-fall as Norway turns to Tesla and other makers of premium […]

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Renewable Certificates Sales Down 22% in June

Sales of REC dropped by 22% to 6.98 lakh units in June as compared to 8.96 lakh in the same month a year ago. Sales of renewable energy certificates (REC) dropped by 22 percent to 6.98 lakh units in June as compared to 8.96 lakh in the same month a year ago due to lower supply, […]

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