PV modules

Astronergy Supplies 154.4 MW Solar Modules for German PV Plant

Chinese solar panel maker Astronergy has revealed that a total of 154.4MWdc ASTRO N5 TOPCon PV Modules have been delivered to Germany, to materialize Europe’s biggest TOPCon PV plant in Döllen (Brandenburg). The n-type TOPCon PV Modules from ASTRO N series have gained traction worldwide after the first project with 355MWdc was signed in Australia. […]

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Mitrex Brings World’s First Colored Solar Panels with California Energy Commission Listing

Canadian manufacturer of solar panels and integrated solar technology provider Mitrex has claimed to be the world’s first and only solar manufacturer to receive California Energy Commission’s (CEC) listing for colored solar panels. The company announced that its products are not only CEC, NY-Sun, and FSEC listed, but boast of bankability testing that evaluates the […]

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Chinese Manufacturer Huasun Launches 715 W HJT Solar Module

Chinese solar product manufacturer Huasun has launched a new bifacial, dual-glass heterojunction (HJT) solar panels meant for ground-mounted PV applications. Huasun said that the new solar module is of 715 W and has been certified by TÜV SÜD Group. The official statement of the firm mentioned, “Recently, Huasun’s Himalaya G12-132 HJT module successfully passed the […]

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Waaree Energies to Supply Solar Modules to Kandla Agro & Chemicals

Kandla Agro & Chemicals Pvt Ltd (KACPL), which engages manufacturing of various grades of castor oil and its derivatives, is looking to to cut down on greenhouse gas emissions by installing a solar power plant of 4 MW at Bila, Bhavnagar. Towards this end, a leading player in the solar energy industry, which manufactures PV […]

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Field test: Inverter Disconnectors Not Effective Against Fire

Under the global net-zero carbon goal, the safety of power stations is of great concern. Since this year, inverter manufacturers have successively released inverters with DC protection switches, various experts in the industry have discussed the protection capability and standard compliance of DC side switches and given different opinions. The following are related reports from […]

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Top 3 Things You Need to Know About PV Plant Safety

  Introduction Solar energy has become one of the most popular forms of renewable Energy and the numbers of PV systems in use have rapidly grown in recent years. Like any energy generating option, Safety is always a key focus of attention. A solar system is normally composed of PV array, inverter, combiner box and […]

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Choosing the Correct Inverter for High Power M10 (182mm), G12 (210mm) PV Modules

Background Over the past few decades, mainly due to advances in technology and reduction in cost, the size of silicon wafers used in solar modules has evolved from an early stage 125mm to the current standard M6 (166mm), M10 (182mm) and G12 (210mm). What impact do these larger modules have on related equipment? What should […]

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56% Solar Projects Planned for 2022 at Risk due to Mfg Cost Hike: Rystad

The earliest estimates on the impact of price volatility and rising costs on solar projects worldwide are finally coming out, and the news is not good. The surging cost of manufacturing materials and shipping could threaten 50 gigawatts (GW) – a staggering 56% – of the 90 GW of global utility PV developments planned for […]

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