Tata Chemicals, IITB Collaborate To Study Perovskite Use To Deliver RE

Tata Chemicals Limited has collaborated with IIT Bombay-Monash Research Academy, aiming at research in the perovskite/clean energy domain. This strategic partnership is a move towards advancing sustainable energy transition solutions and fostering innovation in clean energy technologies. Under this agreement, Tata Chemicals Limited commits to supporting the Next-Gen Technology research led by the IITB-Monash Research […]

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LONGi Announces Developing 33.9% Efficiency With Perovskite

Chinese solar module manufacturer–LONGi claimed to have developed a 33.9 percent efficiency in crystalline silicon-perovskite tandem solar cells. It is reported that the previous world record was 33.7% and was conducted by King Abdullah University of Science & Technology (KAUST) in May this year. According to the latest certification report of the US National Renewable […]

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MIT, Standford scientists use machine learning for pervoskite solar cell development

Perovskites are a family of materials that are currently the leading contender to potentially replace today’s silicon-based solar photovoltaics. They hold the promise of panels that are far thinner and lighter, that could be made with ultra-high throughput at room temperature instead of at hundreds of degrees, and that are cheaper and easier to transport […]

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Scientists from UK & Japan Unravel Perovskite’s High Efficiency Enigma

In their breakthrough collaborative work, scientists from the Cavendish Laboratory, University of Cambridge, the Diamond Light Source synchrotron facility in Didcot, Oxfordshire, and the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology in Japan have offered explanations for why perovskite materials are seemingly so tolerant of defects in their structure. Their findings have been published in Nature […]

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Green Alliance Invests in EneCoat Tech to Advance Perovskite Research

Japan-based tech company Green Science Alliance Co Ltd. has invested in EneCoat Technologies Co., a Kyoto University start-up that focuses on perovskite solar cell research. Although silicon based solar cells have been practically commercialized the most till date, a large amount of energy is needed to  melt and refine raw materials to make high quality silicon. Therefore, […]

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1366 Tech & Hunt Perovskite Tech Announce Merger to Form CubicPV

Massachusetts-headquartered silicon wafer maker 1366 Technologies, Inc. and Dallas-based solar technology company Hunt Perovskite Technologies, L.L.C (HPT) announced yesterday that they have merged their businesses to form a new company called CubicPV — a name that evokes the shared cubic crystal structure of both silicon and perovskite. The merger combines two disruptive technologies – 1366’s Direct […]

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Researchers say rubidium Doping & 2D Capping assure perovskite stability

In a new paper entitled ‘Unraveling the compositional heterogeneity and carrier dynamics of alkali cation doped 3D/2D perovskites with improved stability’, first published on 11th December 2020 in the journal Materials Advances, scientists at the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology offer a new method- rubidium doping & 2D capping- to enhance the stability of perovskite […]

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Solar Power Technology Continues To Wait On the Promise Of Perovskite Cells

Scientists today are using perovskite materials, named after a little known 19th Century Russian mineralogist and nobleman Count Lev Perovski, to make solar cells more efficient and adaptable than ever before. The material was first discovered in Russia’s Ural Mountains in 1839 by Gustav Rose and became fairly common in later decades wherein it was […]

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Perovskite Solar Cells, Coming Soon To a Product Near You

Perovskites, named after Russian mineralogist Lev Perovski who discovered the base material over 170 years ago in the Ural Mountains of Russia are found abundantly in the earth’s mantle and sometimes, surface deposits even. They have now found an interesting and potentially breakthrough application in solar power generation technology. Different from the traditional silicon wafers […]

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