Solar Farm in Space? European Space Agency Contemplates the Idea

Scientists are on an ambitious plan to harness solar energy from orbit to power the planet. At a two-day conference in Paris, the European Space Agency (ESA), which the UK is a part of, is debating ideas for building a solar farm in space. To transmit microwave energy to Earth, analogous to the high-frequency radio […]

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Total to Operate 2300 EV Charge Points of Bélib’ Network in Paris

Total has won the City of Paris’ concession tender for the modernisation and extension of its public EV charge points network, installed throughout Paris. Total has announced that it has won the City of Paris’ concession tender for the modernisation and extension of its public Electric Vehicles (EV) charge points network, installed throughout the French […]

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Nuclear Power and Renewables Propelling Clean Power Generation

The highlight of the ‘Paris Agreement’ at the United Nation’s COP21 global climate conference held in late-2015 was its ‘binding’ aspects for the signatory countries. Although partial in their scope, these constitute a more decisive step compared to the earlier global climate summits. To make the emission reduction commitments made by nations, called ‘Intended Nationally […]

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NDB, ISA Join Hands to Promote Solar Energy

The Declaration was signed by K V Kamath, the NDB President and Upendra Tripathy, Interim Director General of ISA, in the presence of Finance Minister Arun Jaitley. The New Development Bank (NDB), formerly known as the BRICS Development Bank, and International Solar Alliance (ISA) has tied up to promote solar energy across the globe. “On […]

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Mining Clean Energy That Looks To Our Future Demands

The goals of Paris climate Agreement was discussed when all the eminent representatives across the globe met at a meeting in Bonn in November 2017. The major challenging point of discussion revolved around rapid scaling up the deployment of renewable energy, mitigating the fossil fuel use in the meantime. The major aspect is still at […]

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Efforts to Address Climate through Clean Energy Lag in Emerging Markets

Two years post-Paris, Climatescope research from Bloomberg New Energy Finance highlights slowing investment from OECD countries and limited policy-making follow-through in non-OECD nations. Two years since the signing of the Paris climate agreement and eight years after Copenhagen, countries on both sides of the rich-poor divide are falling short on promises made to address climate […]

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Fate of Paris Climate Accord

“WE’RE GETTING OUT.” These were the words that made headlines in the entire world, and were used specifically by the US President Donald Trump to signify America’s exist from the Paris Climate Agreement. The Republican Party Premier cited a number of negative statistics about the predicted economic impact from the climate deal, including a $3 […]

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Australia Becomes 35th Nation to Joins International Solar Alliance

Total 6 countries had ratified the International Solar Alliance agreement, and once 15 countries ratify it, the agreement will become a legal entity. Australia has become the 35th nation to join. Australia has become the 35th nation to join the International Solar Alliance, an initiative launched by India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi in November 2015 […]

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