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Solar Canals Deliver On Promise, Yet Fail To Find Market

By-Ravleen Kaur A streak of blue cuts across the yellow landscape as one takes a turn while travelling through the Mehsana district of Gujarat. The dry smell of dust alerts one about the arid zone ahead and the heat is an indication of impending summers in this terrain. Soon, the blue line turns grey with […]

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5 Millennial and GenZ Heroes Who Vote For Solar

As a renewable source of energy, solar has been growing for the past decade. Growth rates for solar installs soared as high as 34% in 2022 and the momentum continues in 2023. And why shouldn’t it? Solar energy is clean, sustainable and nigh unlimited. Solar panels don’t require much in the way of maintenance except […]

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India & Australia Forge Partnership for Green Hydrogen Taskforce

A new Green Hydrogen Taskforce will see an exchange of ideas and expertise between India and Australia. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Australian counterpart Anthony Albanese have entered into an agreement to propel forward efforts on Green Hydrogen in unison.  “The task force will comprise Australian and Indian experts in renewable hydrogen and report […]

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PM Modi Exhorts Investors In Private Sector To Join India’s Green Growth

In his first formal address after the Union Budget on February 1, Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a spirited pitch for private sector participation and the many startup opportunities in India’s green growth push. “Every budget since 2014 has followed a consistent pattern. The push for green growth and clean energy has been built around […]

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Priced at Rs 15,000, Twin Solar Cooking Top To Mark Debut at India Energy Week

Last year, the Indian Oil Company unveiled Surya Nutan, a solar cooking system developed indigenously. The three models introduced were priced in the range of Rs 12,000 and Rs 23,000, kitchen connected and rechargeable. Now, the CPSU has gone a step ahead and introduced a twin cooktop model. Said to be priced at around Rs […]

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Modi Cabinet Approves Rs 19744 cr For Green Hydrogen Initiatives

The government’s Green Hydrogen Mission for India got a shot in the arm with the formal approval of Rs 17,490 crore for the same by the Union cabinet today.  The allocation is expected to be used for a special PLI (Performance Linked Incentive) scheme for manufacturing a base for electrolysers and other related equipment for […]

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PM Modi Envisages Gujarat as World’s Biggest Green Hydrogen Destination

Gujarat is poised to become the world’s biggest green hydrogen hub. Headed towards this goal, the State will ring in investments worth Rs 8-10 lakh crore globally. These investments will be made towards the development of green hydrogen and its ecosystem. These announcements were made by Prime Minister Narendra Modi at a rally in Bhavnagar. […]

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Wärtsilä’s Gas Engines Reflect India’s Shift Towards Cleaner Power Generation

A 15.5 MW gas-fueled captive power plant will be provided by the technology company Wärtsilä gas under an idea, procurement, and construction (EPC) contract and a five-year operation and maintenance (O&M) agreement for Chennai. Tamilnadu Petroproducts Limited (TPL), a renowned producer of heavy chemicals and linear alkyl benzene (LAB), and a subsidiary of AM International, […]

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