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No Backing Down by AP On PPA’s with RE Firms

With its latest move to challenge the High Court  ruling of September 24, that barred it from renegotiating existing PPA’s with many RE players, and put the onus on the APSERC, the Andhra state government continues to muddy the investment climate for renewables. In fact, as and when an analysis is finally done on the […]

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Solar Power and Agriculture: Can There Be a Happy Coexistence?

News yesterday that cranberry farmers in Massachusetts, US, are trying out solar installations on their farms to get some extra income has put the focus back on one of the biggest critiques of solar power. That there simply isn’t enough land that meets the requirements of sunlight, proximity to the transmission grid, and a ready […]

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Does Solar Rooftop Need to Take a Cue from Compulsory rainwater harvesting?

After Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed his concern via ‘Mann Ki Baat’ program about water crisis, rainwater harvesting also become the talk of the town, like solar these days. India has shown massive capacity additions in solar but has fallen behind on its target of achieving 40 GW rooftop solar by 2022. Here’re a few […]

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58/100. India’s Likely Target Achievement on renewables in 2022

A Crisil Note just predicted a shortfall of 42% on India’s renewable energy targets. However, don’t expect the government to react with much activity to this. For, besides election to two states that are coming up, it is becoming increasingly clear that the central government’s hands are  tied , when it comes to sustaining the […]

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Modi Traces India’s Steps in Sustainability at UN

While addressing the UN climate summit on Monday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi reiterated that action taken so far is not enough. Prime Minister Narendra Modi counted the steps India has taken so far on sustainability in his address at the UN climate summit on Monday but added that what we have done already is far […]

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Modi at UN: India to Increase Non-Fossil Fuel Target to 450 GW

PM Modi further added that the current actions are inadequate and we need a behavioral shift in combating climate change. Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a big announcement at the UN Climate Summit about India doubling the share of non-fossil fuel capacity. Prime Minister Narendra Modi was warmly welcomed by US President Donald Trump just […]

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ADB Pledges $12 bn to India’s New Flagship Initiatives

ADB President, Takehiko Nakao recently met with Narendra Modi and pledged to support the government’s new flagship initiatives led by the Prime Minister. Asian Development Bank (ADB) President, Takehiko Nakao recently met with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and pledged to support the government’s new flagship initiatives led by the Prime Minister. Modi and Nakao discussed […]

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India, Bahrain Agree to Collaborate in Solar Energy Sector

India and Bahrain have agreed to collaborate in the solar energy sector after comprehensive talks were held to give a major boost to bilateral relations. India and Bahrain on August 24, 2019, agreed to collaborate in the solar energy sector as Prime Minister Narendra Modi held comprehensive talks with his Bahraini counterpart Prince Khalifa Bin Salman Al Khalifa to give a major boost to the entire […]

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Union Budget 2019: A Mixed Bag for the Solar Industry

As expected from Modi Government 2.0, India’s first full-time woman Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman had few eggs in her basket for the renewables sector. Here’s how the key stakeholders of the solar industry, including policymakers, think tanks, leading private players have reacted to the government’s Budget for FY19-20: After the budget, Power Minister R. K. […]

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