Toyota Plans $13.5 B Investment in EV Battery Tech by Decade End

Japanese auto major Toyota Motor is planning to spend over $13.5 billion by 2030 to develop batteries and its battery supply system, aiming to head technological developments over the next decade, revealed an online briefing on batteries and carbon neutrality. The world’s largest automaker by volume, which pioneered hybrid gasoline-electric vehicles with the popular Prius, […]

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Japanese Firm to Build World’s 1st Power Transfer Vessel

PowerX, a Japanese company, plans to innovate power storage and transmission by developing an automated Power Transfer Vessel to carry electricity from offshore wind farms to shore. The very first model of such vessels is “Power ARK 100” – a 100TEU trimaran specially designed for transferring renewable energy in Japan’s coastal waters. The company also […]

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Japan to Recycle Solar Modules Using Blockchain Tech

Solar PV manufacturer Next Energy and trading and investment business conglomerate Marubeni are partnering to recycle used solar panels using blockchain technology, as part of a programme supported by Japan’s Ministry of the Environment. Mitsubishi Research Institute will also assist the two companies in developing and demonstrating the potential of blockchain in reporting and recording information […]

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Tesla & Local Partners to Build Storage Facility in Japan

US auto major Tesla is partnering with Japanese companies to build an energy storage facility using its rechargeable battery in Hokkaido in northern Japan to help stabilise the power system. Tesla will collaborate with Japanese power retailer and aggregator Global Engineering and engineering firm Ene-Vision to build the energy storage facility connected to the grid […]

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Researchers Make High-activity Photocatalyst Using Gold Nanoclusters

Researchers from Japan have designed a stable, high-performance photocatalyst from gold nanoclusters (NCs) by removing the protective molecules around them. In a new study published in Angewandte Chemie, Prof. Negishi led a team of researchers, including Assistant Professor Tokuhisa Kawawaki, Mr. Yuki Kataoka, Ms. Momoko Hirata, and Mr. Yuki Akinaga, to dig deep into the […]

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Japanese Study Devises Way to Bend Molecular Crystals Using UV Light

“Molecular crystals,” unlike ordinary gemstones-like crystals, can bend, twist, and even jump when excited with light or heat and have garnered attention from chemists, materials scientists, and engineers alike owing to their potential applications in actuators, artificial muscles, and soft robotics. In a recent study published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society, scientists […]

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Green Alliance Invests in EneCoat Tech to Advance Perovskite Research

Japan-based tech company Green Science Alliance Co Ltd. has invested in EneCoat Technologies Co., a Kyoto University start-up that focuses on perovskite solar cell research. Although silicon based solar cells have been practically commercialized the most till date, a large amount of energy is needed to  melt and refine raw materials to make high quality silicon. Therefore, […]

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Japanese Scientists Use Visible Light to Decompose CO2 With Efficiency

Scientists find a way to efficiently use visible light from the sun to break down CO2, open doors to novel means of alleviating global warming To tackle the challenge of global warming, scientists have been looking into green and sustainable methods of breaking down carbon dioxide in emissions and in the atmosphere. Now, a group […]

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New Energy Master Plan Must Aim to Favor Bangladesh Over Japan: IEEFA

JICA must deliver a low or zero emissions plan as promised, not fund Matarbari 2 coal plant Clear understandings from the Bangladesh government’s recently released 8th Five-Year Plan must be incorporated into the new energy and power master plan currently under development by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) to drive zero carbon transformation and […]

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