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Advanced Electronics Impacting Solar Inverters and Its Market The Evolving Inverter Solar inverters have come a long way in the history of solar power generation. It won’t be wrong to say that they have remained one of the most advancing technologies in every decade of renewable energy advancement than anything else. Inverters convert simple DC […]

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Sunverge Energy inverters meet HECO’s new solar technology standards

Sunverge Energy has announced that its Solar Integration System (SIS) equipped with Schneider XW6848 and XW5548 inverters meets Hawaii Electric Companies’ (HECO) strict technical specifications for solar installations. The Sunverge SIS units will help electric customers in Hawaii rapidly attain reliable power from their renewable generation and storage systems while earning maximum savings under HECO’s […]

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SolarEdge launches its commercial inverter solution in Japan

SolarEdge Technologies has announced the launch of its commercial inverter solution in Japan. The commercial inverter solution consist of small and light-weight three-phase commercial inverters, sized 24.75kW and 33.3kW for both low and medium voltage connection, P600 and P700 power optimizers, and a cloud-based, module-level monitoring platform. SolarEdge’s optimized inverter solution expands the lifetime value […]

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