Ginlong Solis Inverters

Solis Seminar Episode 38: Installation Tips to Prevent Inverter Soaking

Background During the process of on-site investigation, you can encounter the problem of inverter failure caused by water ingress. Sometimes there is still water ingress after replacing the new machine and this requires investigation to understand the cause of water ingress from the installation. Troubleshooting Guidance The protection level of the inverter is IP65 or […]

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Why Solis Inverters became the Preferred Choice of Airports PV Power Station at Home and Abroad

Efficient and convenient air traffic is one of the prerequisites for the development of modern society and economy, especially for the development of high-tech industry. In addition to its own benefits, the civil aviation transportation industry has obvious comprehensive benefits in promoting the development of resources, producing “airport economic zone”, promoting the development of regional […]

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Sello Fide Certification Awarded to Ginlong Solis Inverters

FIDE is a non-profit trust in Mexico, an initiative of the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) and it certifies products which save electricity. Chinese solar inverter giant Ginlong Solis has achieved the Mexican Sello Fide certification of energy efficiency to conduct successful business in Mexico, the company said in a statement. FIDE is a non-profit trust […]

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