Ganges Internationale

In conversation with Ganges Internationale on Solar Tracker System

How important are trackers for solar installations in India? Solar trackers helps in maximizing energy production by providing 15-20% additional power, hence helps in improving the LCOE of Solar Plants. It generate more electricity in roughly the same amount of space needed for fixed tilt systems, making them ideal for optimizing land usage. In India, […]

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Interview With Vinay Goyal CEO of Ganges Internationale (P) LTD

Ganges Internationale Private Limited (GIPL) is a multi-faceted technology corporation offering unmatched engineering and end to end consultancy solutions with a client centric approach. GIPL present quality, credibility, business vision, ethical standards and leadership in their activities along with sustainable growth and a strong environmental focus. With cutting edge designs, efficient manufacturing processes, continuous innovation, […]

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SunLink with Ganges launches solar tracking system

American solar solutions provider SunLink with Ganges Internationale has announced the launch of a jointly developed solar tracking system. The new solar tracking system direct solar modules towards the sun throughout the day to maximise energy capture. Together with SunLink’s solar tracking systems, Ganges will now offer world-class technology that increases energy generation by 15-20%. […]

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SunLink and Ganges Internationale forms joint venture for Solar Development in India

SunLink Corporation and Ganges Internationale Private Limited are currently collaborating on a tracker project located northwest of Bengaluru in the Indian state of Karnataka. Both the companies have entered into a joint venture to accelerate solar deployment in the rapidly growing Indian market. As part of its SunLink White House commitment announced last month, SunLink […]

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