Floating solar projects

Floating Solar On A Growth Path

In Solar’s rise to pre-eminence from a fringe renewable energy option just a decade back, it’s time to consider the rise of floating solar (also called floatovoltaics in many cases). To think that it did not even exist at any scale till 2013. The earliest patent on floating solar was taken out only in 2008. […]

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Ciel & Terre Partners with Principia to Develop Floating Solar Tech

CIEL & TERRE has an outstanding track record of floating solar platforms deployed all over the world with over 135 projects installed. To further advance the development of floating solar technology, CIEL & TERRE, a leading expert in the floating solar technology, has joined hands with PRINCIPIA which has a strong technical background in the […]

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Maharashtra Plans Swiss Challenge Method for Floating Solar Power Bids

The Swiss challenge system says anyone with the suitable credentials can submit a development proposal to the government for the projects. Thereafter the proposal will be put online and the other interesting parties can suggest the changes in the proposal. Also, they can oppose it. To finalize a bidder to set up the floating solar […]

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