EV subsidies in India

The Top 3 States With Biggest EV Subsidies In India

India has been successful in spurring the Electric Vehicles trend in the country. While the central efforts were instrumental in this development, the contributions of various states in terms of subsidies have formed the backbone of EV adaptation as well. However, keep in mind that subsidies are unlikely to last very long, possibly not beyond […]

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DHI Increases Incentives for Electric Two Wheelers Under FAME II

In a constant push towards dynamic electric vehicle (EV) adoption in the country, the Department of Heavy Industries (DHI) has brought up some partial modifications in the FAME II (Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Electric Vehicles in India Phase II). DHI has increased the demand incentives by 50 percent for the electric two-wheeler (E2Ws). Hence, […]

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Crashing Oil, Booming Solar. Possible?

While the slump in oil prices will have its own yet to be seen second, and third order effects, be it political stability in the middle east, or moves by the US and Russia to outflank each other, for India,  this is the opportunity that needs to be taken with both hands. The country has […]

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