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GoodWe Expands India Footprint With Appointment Of Antyodaya Ujas as Authorized Partners

GoodWe India has announced a strategic partnership with Antyodaya Ujas, a key player in West Bengal’s Renewable Energy Sector. This collaboration marks a significant leap forward in amplifying GoodWe’s footprint in the Indian Solar Market. Antyodaya Ujas, as the Authorized Distributor, will play a pivotal role in the promotion and distribution of GoodWe’s extensive range […]

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Growatt’s WIT+APX Energy Storage System Aims For Emerging Storage market

Growatt’s ‘WIT+APX’ C&I energy storage system, designed for commercial, industrial, and micro-grid scenarios, offers eight distinct application modes: self-consumption, peak shaving, demand charge, power expansion, micro-grid, backup power, and power quality. The flexibility to meet the requirements of diverse customer needs is a function of not just the product design, but the firm’s belief that […]

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SOFAR Presents New Inverter at Green Energy Expo 2023

South Korean firm SOFAR, which delves into the supply of PV and Energy Storage System (ESS) solutions, demonstrated its portfolio at Green Energy Expo, further solidifying its presence in the Korean solar market. SOFAR showcased its newly tailored inverter, 100-125KTL-G4 for C&I and small-scale utility applications. Currently, high-power modules are the dominant technology in PV […]

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“What is important is the intent; Capability can be built”, Shilpa Urhekar, Sterling & Wilson Renewable Energy

Shilpa Urhekar is one of those rare professionals in the solar sector who have seen the sector evolve from its tentative origins, when a MW-sized project was a milestone, to the current shift, when GW-sized ambitions are at par for the course. The former Indian Air Force squadron leader has been involved with establishing module […]

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From the Middle East To the US, Philadelphia Solar plans a 1 GW Foray

Amman, Jordan-based Philadelphia Solar has confirmed plans to build 1 GW manufacturing facility in the U.S. the announcement is a rare case of a middle-east manufacturer setting up a plant in the US market. Philadelphia Solar manufactures mounting structures too, besides solar panels using automated robotic production lines, at its existing facilities in Jordan. For […]

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