From the Middle East To the US, Philadelphia Solar plans a 1 GW Foray

Highlights :

  • Philadelphia Solar is a Jordan-based firm setting up a manufacturing plant in the US. Not something we hear about usually.
  • The firm has plans for a 1 GW plant in a suitable US site.
From the Middle East To the US, Philadelphia Solar plans a 1 GW Foray

Amman, Jordan-based Philadelphia Solar has confirmed plans to build 1 GW manufacturing facility in the U.S. the announcement is a rare case of a middle-east manufacturer setting up a plant in the US market. Philadelphia Solar manufactures mounting structures too, besides solar panels using automated robotic production lines, at its existing facilities in Jordan. For the firm, this will be its first venture outside Jordan.

Philadelphia Solar comes with a good reputation, with its existing experience of manufacturing. It has also built and operates utility-scale commercial and industrial photovoltaic plants. It’s projects have received backing from institutions like the IFC, AFD, EBRD, Norfund, FMO, KfW, and IsDB. The firm installed the first grid-connected solar system in Jordan, and the middle east. It has an existing production capacity of 500 MW.

The firm has cited the Biden administration’s high focus on renewable energy and US based manufacturing to justify its plans. A key market that the form hopes to target with its output in the US is the corporate and Industrial market in the US, which has not only been on a strong growth tear, but also the key driver of the market there. Estimates have been made for an 85 GW capacity creation by just this segment to 2030, based on corporate commitments to go green.

Production is expected to start in the third quarter of 2022 with mostly monocrystalline and bifacial modules. A final location for the plant has not been confirmed yet, as the firm shops for the best incentives from states in the US.

The company will initially produce monocrystalline 450W bifacial and facial 450W modules with a 530W line from early 2022.

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