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1C Charging Joins The EV Rush With Charging Solutions

India, as the world’s furth largest auto market, is fast emerging as one of the fastest-growing Electric Vehicle (EV) markets in the world too. The size of the industry is projected to grow from USD 3.21 billion in 2022 to USD 113.99 billion by 2029. With growing sales of EV, various brands are also emerging […]

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Pilot Company, Volvo Partner to Set up Charging Network for Electric Trucks

America is on a drive to decarbonise its transport sector. In a key development, Pilot Company or ‘Pilot Travel Centers’ and Volvo Group have signed a Letter of Intent to develop a high-performance charging network open to all battery-electric Class 8 truck brands to support fleet customers in their electrification and decarbonization journeys. The official […]

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BYD India In Charging Tie-Ups To Reassure Customers

BYD India has tied up with three EV charging infrastructure firms, Chargezone, Volttic, and Indipro, to offer a more robust charging network to its customers. The firm, which started off targeting the Electric bus market in India before introducing its other vehicles, notably the E6. The new charging partners will basically make their charging networks […]

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Charge+Zone Adds 20 Unmanned Charging Stations on Guj-Maha Highway

CHARGE+ZONE, an  EV Charging Network company today announced that it has successfully electrified over 1000 kms of National Highways in India, by setting-up a network of twenty(20) unmanned, app driven EV charging points  along the Gujarat- Maharashtra National highway. Through this, the company claims it has successfully cracked Dealer Owned Company Operated (DOCO) and Company […]

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ElectriVa Plans to Create ‘One Lakh’ Charging Points in India

It is an open secret that without an expanse of charging stations in the country, the adoption of electric vehicles on a massive scale will remain a challenge and the national quest for a pollution free environment will remain at a distance. In this scenario, ElectriVa, an electric vehicle charging provider, has disclosed its ambition […]

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Fuel Pumps and EV Battery Charging. Not A Good Idea

By Shailesh Vickram Singh, Co-Founder, CEO at MassiveMobility Are the 69,000 odd fuel pumps the answer to India’s EV charging challenge? It is no secret that a big challenge for increasing the penetration of Electric Vehicles (EVs) is lack of charging stations and the high cost of batteries, in that order.  While battery costs have […]

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Amsterdam’s Largest EV Charging Network to Run on RE

The innovative solution enables faster charging, maximal use of renewable electricity and more efficient use of the electric grid in Amsterdam. Vattenfall and the City of Amsterdam, have together launched Flexpower, the largest public smart charging network for electric vehicles in Amsterdam. Operated by Vattenfall, a total of 456 charging stations with 912 charging points […]

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