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Fuel Pumps and EV Battery Charging. Not A Good Idea

By Shailesh Vickram Singh, Co-Founder, CEO at MassiveMobility Are the 69,000 odd fuel pumps the answer to India’s EV charging challenge? It is no secret that a big challenge for increasing the penetration of Electric Vehicles (EVs) is lack of charging stations and the high cost of batteries, in that order.  While battery costs have […]

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Amsterdam’s Largest EV Charging Network to Run on RE

The innovative solution enables faster charging, maximal use of renewable electricity and more efficient use of the electric grid in Amsterdam. Vattenfall and the City of Amsterdam, have together launched Flexpower, the largest public smart charging network for electric vehicles in Amsterdam. Operated by Vattenfall, a total of 456 charging stations with 912 charging points […]

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