ElectriVa Plans to Create ‘One Lakh’ Charging Points in India

ElectriVa Plans to Create ‘One Lakh’ Charging Points in India

It is an open secret that without an expanse of charging stations in the country, the adoption of electric vehicles on a massive scale will remain a challenge and the national quest for a pollution free environment will remain at a distance. In this scenario, ElectriVa, an electric vehicle charging provider, has disclosed its ambition to set up one lakh charging points across India in the coming three years.

ElectriVa founder Sumit Dhanuka has a vision of creating a charging point every 20 km length and breadth of the country. He says, “We are going to install an electric charging point every three km in Delhi and at all key locations. The same will be replicated across all metros.” It is worth mentioning the company has recently bagged a contract to install and operate 100 EV charging stations in Delhi. It has been learnt that another order of 150 more charging stations are in the pipeline.

The industry opines that India is likely to see a massive EV boom in the coming five years from here. This implies that more than 4 lakh charging stations will be required by 2026 to support such massive adoption of  EVs.

Commenting on the Union Budget, the company held that the impetus provided by the government will give electric vehicles’ charging infrastructure a massive push in India. This company was set up just recently and positions itself as one of the leading independent EV charging station operators in the country. Sumit Dhanuka himself has a background in renewable energy.

The company has earmarked ‘three priority areas’ to grow and the plans look robust as per the industry standards. One is the contracts being awarded by municipal corporations for intra-city set-ups. The second is setting up infrastructure along key highways and partnering with the national and state highway corporations. The third is providing decentralised charging points at housing societies and RWAs. Sumit Dhanuka said that his company is eyeing contracts from other government authorities and utilities as well.

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