Residential Rooftop Solar To Cost Rs 31,200/Kw In Andhra Pradesh after Subsidy

The Andhra Pradesh Eastern Power Distribution Corporation Limited (APEPDCL) has discovered the lowest bid of Rs. 50,000/kW for up to 1 kW of residential rooftop solar systems. That means, after central subsidies, it would cost only Rs. 31,200 to consumers. Interestingly, for larger 100Kw to 500Kw sizes, the discovered price is Rs 36,000/Kw , though […]

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Andhra Discom Tenders for Empanelment and Commissioning of Rooftop Solar Plants

APEPDCL has tendered for empanelment and commissioning of rooftop solar plants of 1-500 kW capacity at various locations in APEPDCL in Andhra Pradesh. The Andhra Pradesh Eastern Power Distribution Company (APEPDCL) has issued a tender for the empanelment and subsequent commissioning of grid-connected rooftop solar plants of 1-500 kW capacity at various locations in APEPDCL […]

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APEPDCL Seeking Approval of Discom-Driven Solar Rooftop Program

In its petition, APEPDCL has asserted that this program will lead to reduced cost of rooftop solar PV systems for consumers, ensure quality, address the challenge of interconnection delays and enable adoption of rooftop solar PV by low-end consumer segments. The Eastern Power Distribution Comp-any of Andhra Pradesh (APEPDCL) has filled a petition with the […]

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Andhra Government to Solarise Agricultural Connections

The numbers of agriculture connections across the state are 17.20 lakh and the state government has agreed recently to allot Rs 6,030.17 crore this year as a subsidy for them. In the state of Andhra Pradesh, the state government is planning to solorise agriculture connections coming up in the state by using a new scheme […]

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Rooftop Solar Grids: New Trend in AP District Vizag

The Andhra Pradesh Central Power Distribution Company Limited (APEPDCL) revealed that till February of this year, 563 rooftop solar grids were synchronized with the grid providing a total capacity of 6,837 kW with another 736 units of 3,651 kW capacity in pipeline. The solar power development in the city of Vizag in Andhra Pradesh is […]

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3,526 Tribal Houses in Andhra Pradesh Harnesses Solar Power

As per authorities, about Rs. 25 lakh was spent for every town to set up solar power gear like panels, battery moves down, control supply lines and shafts close to the cost of support. If someone happened to hear TV noises in remote parts of Visakhapatnam region, one must not be astounded. Living oblivious has […]

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APEPDCL to provide EMI scheme on Rooftop Solar Power Net Metering

The Eastern Power Distribution Company of AP Limited (APEPDCL) with collaboration with Andhra Bank is planning to introduce bank loan system for the people interested to avail Rooftop Solar Power Net Metering (RSPNM). Under the new loan system, the applicants will be provided with a bank loan and the EMI amount will be collected as […]

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Visakhapatnam Port Trust planning another 5MW solar plant

Visakhapatnam Port Trust is planning to set up a new 5 MW solar power plant as part of its efforts to conserve energy in addition to its existing 10 MW solar project which is under construction. The construction at VPT’s 5 MW solar project is expected to begin in the new fiscal year. VPT chairman […]

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Complete Solar Park Experience Statures at Vizag

According to a researched report, a private organization has inaugurated Solar Park claiming to be the first of its kind in the nation. Named Suryakiran, the recreation center would be set up in Thatipudi, Kothavalasa and S Kota where radiation levels were said to be high. Agents of Mahitha Infra Private Ltd., the promoters of […]

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