SunnyBAG PowerTAB – A Most Effective Power Charger


SunnyBAG PowerTAB is a portable solar system

Product Brief: The PowerTAB is a portable solar system that claims to finally make you 100 percent independent. Highly efficient solar panels plus batteries which the firm claims to be like in the Tesla Model S.

Product Features: The 5-watt SUNPOWER solar panel charges through highly efficient power management consisting of two cells that together provide 6000 mAh storage volume. It’s interesting to know that the same cell called 18650 is used in the Californian Tesla Model S.

Application: Charger – Power Bank

Product Benefits: It provides the possibility to use phones and tablets with 100% renewable energy. A high-quality converter uses the technology to provide 2,4 Ampere output current on the USB. This is enough to recharge big size tablets quickly, and a mobile phone in 100 minutes. There are two 1 watt lights at the back of the PowerTAB that can be used for reading at night.

Availability: The product is available for purchase on the company’s website and retails for EUR 69-79.

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