NatureConnect Lighting Promises To Bring The Joy Of Outdoors Inside

NatureConnect Lighting Promises To Bring The Joy Of Outdoors Inside

Signify (formerly Philips lighting) formally launched its new range of lighting products targeted at offices, hospitals and high end homes called  NatureConnect lighting. Here’s what you need to know about it.

“The second biggest light source after the sun” according to CEO and MD Sumit Joshi, Signify is the only electric company to be carbon neutral and use 10% renewable electricity.  They’re one of the few companies projected to reach the UN’s goal of limiting their emissions to maintain the 1.5 C global warming goal 6 years early.

NatureConnect makes use of Signify’s position as an industry leader in lighting and provides lighting that aims to “make the office feel friendlier and increase productivity”. In their words, they wish to assist offices in going from cubicles to collaboration. Signify claims that Natureconnect lighting implements a biophyllic design language that helps it bring the feel of the outdoors indoors.

Signify lighting

Like Being Outside

The technology makes use of variable lighting temperature to maintain a healthy circadian rhythm for anyone working under it. The light fixtures spew out brighter light with a higher blue light output during the day and change to a warmer light temperature at dawn. For all intents and purposes, Signify is emulating the sun. A more interesting use case that the firm showcased was  the possibility of the light  allowing patients in hospitals to heal faster. Apparently, being exposed to different temperature lighting at different times of the day allows the patient to be less stressed, which promotes faster healing. Signify claims to have the research to back this up.

The light fixtures come in 3 configurations, 4×4, 6×6 and 6×10 feet. The base 4×4 fixture features a square design with a blue rectangle in between, colored virtually the same as the sky.

According to Signify, the target demographics for the lighting are retail stores which could benefit from more alert customers, offices that could do with employees that are more productive and high-end houses that need new lighting. While the prices on the fixtures are unknown, they’re unlikely to be cheap, considering they support wireless control, motion sensing and are likely going to be Signify’s flagship product for the year.

By Yash Singh

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