LONGi Unveils Hi-MO N Module & ‘Lifecycle Quality’ Standard at SNEC ’21

Xi’an-headquartered major solar PV manufacturer LONGi turned heads at the The 15th International Photovoltaic Electricity Generation and Smart Energy Conference & Exhibition (SNEC 2021), which opened on June 3rd in Shanghai, China, releasing a new module called Hi-MO N and a “Lifecycle Quality” standard for its products.

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In this premier industry exhibition, LONGi unveiled its Hi-MO N – the first bifacial module with N-type TOPCon cells- which is said to maintain the optimal 182mm cell and 72c module size and adopt the company’s proprietary HPC technique based on N-type TOPCon (High Performance Cell with Hybrid Passivated Contact).

The conversion efficiency is up to 22.3% and power reaches 570W in mass production. Designed to deliver ultra-high value and lower LCOE to utility-scale PV power plants, Hi-MO N is expected to be the flagship product leading an industrial breakthrough in module efficiency and energy yield.

With LONGi HPC technique based N-type TOPCon, the device can achieve higher bifacial gain, better temperature coefficient and low irradiance performance, lower working temperature, better LID and PID performance. Energy yield is 2-3% higher than that of mainstream P-type bifacial modules. In tandem with “Zero” cell damage, the Hi-MO N is PID-free under irradiance.

The initial year degradation is under 1% and linear degradation is under 0.4%. Calculated on a 30-year lifecycle, the conversion efficiency of Hi-MO N modules will be 2.45% higher than that of other mainstream products in the market. The company claims that the energy yield and system cost savings during Hi-MO N lifecycle will deliver higher values for customers, when compared to mainstream P-type bifacial modules in the market.

With the release of Hi-MO N, LONGi’s portfolio now includes the “Hi-MO N”, “Hi-MO 5” and “Hi-MO 4” product families.

At the same event, the Chinese company also released the industry’s first “Lifecycle Quality” standard. Based on the concept of “customer value first”, “LONGi Lifecycle Quality” is meant to ensure that LONGi products will perform reliably throughout the lifespan and help their customers realise high returns on investment throughout the entire lifecycle of their PV power plants.

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