Growatt’s Latest Residential-cum-commercial Inverter is now BIS Certified

Highlights :

Features at a glance:

  • Maximum efficiency of 98.6%
· OLED and touch button
· Type II SPD on DC and AC side
· String Monitoring
· AFCI optional
  • DC/AC ratio upto 1.5
  • Supports export limitation
Growatt’s Latest Residential-cum-commercial Inverter is now BIS Certified

Growatt’s latest residential as well as small commercial inverter in three phase range MOD 3000-15KTL3-X for rooftop application is now BIS certified.

“At glance, customers will find the inverter very appealing. It is designed with integrated top cover case, and there’re no screws on front cover case. The design has fewer gaps and provides better protection against water and dust with IP 66 rating,” claims the company.

The separate inductor compartment is aimed at ensuring efficient heat dissipation while avoiding the impact of heat on the main circuit. The invisible cable routing also helps dissipate heat quickly and has the function of anti-icing at low temperature.

In addition to that, Growatt uses its patented inductance technology for the inverter. With this technology the circuit board can cool rapidly at high temperature and will not deform at low temperature, thus, enabling the inverter to work under harsh conditions, such as salty air, humidity, high and low temperature, stated the company.

MOD TL3-X offers protection with Type II SPD on DC and AC side, reverse string protection and optional AFCI. It has two MPP trackers and 1.5 DC/AC ratio. Its string current reaches 13A and is compatible with bifacial modules. For system monitoring and remote O&M, customers have multiple options such as WIFI-X, GPRS-X, 4G-X, RF or RS485. With the datalogger installed, customers can have access to Growatt Online Smart Service platform for reporting issues and troubleshooting.

“With an outstanding efficiency of up to 98.6%, the Growatt MOD 3-phase inverter is a smart choice that offers great performance at an excellent price point,” claims the company.

Aerospace grade materials have been used for MOD TL3-X to make the inverter light, durable and flame-retardant. The product weighs around 17kg, 30% lighter when compared with other old generation inverters, according to Growatt. To achieve better HMI experience, it is designed with OLED display and touch button. OLED display is considered to be a premium material that consumes less power. Its touch button is more durable and is said to be able to last over three million clicks.

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