Adopt three-fold ‘mantra’ of “Sun, Cycle and Saving” in the energy sector: Anil Dave

AdoptEnvironment Minister Anil Madhav Dave at the inauguration of Conference on Clean and Green Transport for Delhi-NCR strongly emphasized on the need to adopt the three-fold ‘mantra’ of “Sun, Cycle and Saving” in the energy sector for clean and green energy.

Dave said that solar energy is the energy of the future and Research & Development (R&D) needs to be done on solar energy, as it will revolutionize the energy sector.  He also said that energy should not be used carelessly, as energy saved is energy produced. He added that individuals must lead by example in saving energy and also stated that non-practicing environmentalists and non-practicing scientists were not required.

The Environment Minister pointed out that those involved in R&D must keep in mind the different between the success achieved in laboratories and success while implementing solutions on the roads.

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