sun energy

NASA’s Parkar Solar Probe Laced with ‘Revolutionary’ Heat Shield

A mission 60 years in the making, Parker Solar Probe will make a historic journey to the Sun’s corona, a region of the solar atmosphere. Ahead of its August launch, NASA’s Parker Solar Probe — the mission aiming to get closest to the Sun than ever by any human-made object — has got its “revolutionary” […]

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Hydrogen Producing Floating Solar Cells Developed

A novel photovoltaic-powered electrolysis device which can operate as a stand-alone platform that floats on open water is discovered by the researchers from Columbia University in the US. Floating solar cells competent of utilizing sun energy to produce hydrogen fuel from water have been developed by the scientists. Currently, NASA’s space program is using hydrogen […]

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This Solar Cell is highly efficient and can harvests more of sun’s energy

  A team of researchers from MIT and the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology has developed new solar cell that includes two different layers of sunlight-absorbing material to harvest a broader range of the sun’s energy and that costs less than its counterparts. The researchers call the device a “step cell,” because the two […]

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