Viz-A-Viz with Rajen Shah, Managing Director | Ecoprogetti Production Process India Pvt Ltd.

Viz-A-Viz with Rajen Shah, Managing Director | Ecoprogetti Production Process India Pvt Ltd. Rahen shah, Managing Director | Ecoprogetti Production Process India Pvt Ltd.
Rahen shah

Rahen shah, Managing Director | Ecoprogetti Production Process India Pvt Ltd.

Q. Flexibility, simplicity & Modularity are the 3 Key words that are been followed in Ecoprogetti. Please elaborate more on each of them.

Our company started with the back ground of module manufacturing in Italy in 1988 when no machines were available for mass production. We made machines for the process which was most important during that time . From the experience what we had we though of three important criteria Flexibility, Simplicity and Modularity. We made machine very flexible which can run all kind of available cells in the market and also the cut cell can be process on same machine. Simplicity was our main focus when we had design the machine because we wanted that any person who can understand the numbers and alphabets should able to run and we did that. The term Modularity comes from our experience of past, All our Turnkey Lines are modular meaning the same line can be upgraded to higher output by just adding couple of equipment in current line. With our 3 Key words we have been very successful all our the word.

Q. Usually how much time does the company takes to commission a solar module line and what kind of warranties do you offer?

In general the time from order to the first production is 150 days depending up on the size of the project. The warranty is for 12 months.

Q. Please tell our readers about your current market share in India and reasons behind your tremendous success in this market.

Today our market share is over 3GW of Installed machines. We do our job with honest commitments without giving any wrong inputs to any of the customer. Today we are the only company in the world to design and manufacture all the equipment in our own factory located near Venice in Italy. In India we have 12 service engineers to support our entire customers located in different zones. In fact we have our own service centers in Delhi, Gujarat, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Mumbai. Another major reason behind our success is that we do not work with any agent. We have our own company in India located in Mumbai.

Q. Improved Quality and Reliability, Shorter Cycle Times, Better Floor Space Utilization & Reduced Waste- how are your robots addressing these issues.

Since we design and manufacture the machine in our own factory we have a control on the quality & reliability also for the quick delivery which is not possible if we purchase from any third party. Regarding robots we are use worlds best supplier also they have service center in India.

Q. What kind of safety standards does Ecoprogetti follow while setting up an assembly line?:-

All our machines are 100% CE complied with highest safety standards use in EU.

Q. Share your view on the global trends in robotics and automation in Solar Manufacturing?

Few years back people where talking and selecting 20MW line to start and in that there was no need to use robotics and complicated automation. Now the time has changed no one talk below 100MW where Automation and Robotics is needed. We have delivered many lines and also have many orders to deliver highly Automatic Line where we use very minimum men power.

Q. What kind of training do you provide to your customer?

We have very much structured training for the customer who buy complete turnkey Line come to our factory for 2 week training on process, maintenance and class room training which is given by special professor.

Q. Who are your competitors and how are you planning to compete with the Chinese players?

We have many competitors from Europe, USA and China but we are really not worried about any of them. Customer knows very well what they are buying and also the past record of our company is very good with maximum customer base in India, which is our strength. Today customer needs good service and also the price should be competitive and we are following this trend.

Q. Finally, does the GST pose risk or boon for the solar industry in India?

It is not very clear what will be the result. Lets wait and see.

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