SolarMaxx Celebrates 10 Years of Excellence

SolarMaxx Celebrates 10 Years of Excellence

SolarMaxx is celebrating 10 years of its continued mission of delivering highly efficient, clean energy systems. It is celebrating the hundreds of customers across India who had been empowered in the last decade to rethink their energy strategy, reduce energy expenses and transform how they do business by switching to clean energy. The company is feeling humbled and thrilled to have been a part of their journey and is excited for the next 10 years and more.

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The company’s journey in Solar started with a small idea from a milk vendor who wanted solar lamps in the rural belts of Rajasthan. It all began from sourcing and trading solar powered products, to now manufacturing Solar PV Panels and Solar Water Heating and putting up Solar Power plants. The company is feeling proud to be amongst the leading pioneers in its field with the largest market share and happy customers base in its regional markets. One of the most notable projects of SolarMaxx is it’s 4.5 Mega Watt Solar Power Project at Gajner, Bikaner. It is a one of its kind project in Rajasthan where the power produced at this plant will be used for captive consumption at 13 factories and sites located across Rajasthan. This plant feeds into the grid at Gajner and the factories can draw an equivalent amount of power from the grid through the open access mechanism.

This project is spread across 16 acres of land near Bikaner, Rajasthan. The useful life of a typical Solar Power plant is considered to be 25-30 years. This is the duration for which long-term PPAs are signed and financial models are built. However, Solar Power plants can run beyond this duration while producing a lower output. Besides, SolarMaxx also powered plenty of Printing Press across Rajasthan and neighbouring states.

Net metering is a great way for such industries to save electricity bill as well as earn revenue. Since these industries run during night, the energy generated by Solar can be supplied to the grid during day time and energy can be utilised from the grid at night. This “back-and-forth” between Solar plant and the grid ensures that your excess production will still be used and your shortages will be met. A grid-connected photovoltaic power system will reduce the power bill as it is possible to sell surplus electricity produced to the local electricity supplier. Thus net metering is a boon for such industries and acts as a helping factor for industries to go Solar.

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Apart from that, the company is also behind the first salt refinery in India to adopt Solar Energy for their energy consumption. SolarMaxx has set up a fully integrated grid-tied solar power plant for its factory located at Nawa city, Nagaur (Raj.), under captive power reverse net metering scheme of Government of Rajasthan. This plant is expected to save approx. Rs 45 Lakhs per annum for the company. This Solar plant will meet up to 80% of energy requirement of the company.

The company has also helped BMC (Bulk Milk Coolers) to switch to Solar for water heating purposes. SolarMaxx has covered over 250 BMC’s in Palsana, Sikar, Jhunjhunu and many other BMC’s in extremely remote locations in the Sikar District of Rajasthan. BMC facility is utilized to chill the milk to maintain its quality and control the growth of microbes. Here, hot water is utilized for washing of milk containers, the high temperature of water used for washing of the equipment ensures that the containers are cleaned and sterilized properly thereby ensuring the safety of milk.

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The company has provided BMC the environment-friendly, cost-saving Solar Water Heating facility which is extremely easy to maintain and provides hot water in all seasons. Solar Water heaters not only help save money from E-Bill but also provide a water heating solution for those rural regions where Grid availability is low.

Apart from Solar Modules and Solar Water heaters, the company also manufactures one of its kind All-In-One Solar Light. These SolarMaxx integrated Solar outdoor Lights are a break-through in the solar lighting arena. The All-In-One Solar Light is a new age and compact lighting solution integrating Solar panels, LED light, Lithium-ion battery and a PIR motion sensor.

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Moreover, SolarMaxx Solar Street cum Outdoor Lights have been a popular product for the companies indulging in sustainable CSR. Majority of factory, mine or construction workers are residents of nearby villages. These villages, even though may have electricity, do not generally have any outdoor street lighting facility. So, movement in the dark lanes of these villages is indeed challenging and dangerous. Also, in the challenging terrains of hilly Himachal Pradesh or the deserts of Rajasthan, several villages that are still not connected to the grid, have benefited with such solar lighting solutions donated and maintained by organisations indulging in CSR.

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SolarMaxx is known for constantly outperforming industry benchmarks, and have been doing it for years. The company says its commitment is simple: offering high-power solar energy that is reliable and efficient. Solar power is an international movement; a sustainable solution in the fight against climate changes and is the best way to produce carbon and nuclear-free energy. Thus solar panels are the first step towards sustainable living.

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