Overview Of Hydrogen Production From Carbon-Free Nuclear Energy-2022

Think tank Nuclear Hydrogen Initiative has released a report on ‘Hydrogen Production From Carbon-Free Nuclear Energy in 2022’. Nuclear energy, especially from cutting-edge reactors, is essential to the development of clean, low-carbon hydrogen production pathways and the long-term viability of the hydrogen economy. Hydrogen has become more prominent as one viable route to net-zero as governments and leaders of the corporate sector examine ideas to decarbonize the global energy matrix.

The study delves into the most abundant chemical element, hydrogen, as not just “an energy carrier” that can be harnessed “to store energy” alone, but can also augment the decarbonisation of “hard-to-abate energy sectors, such as transportation, power, industry, and buildings.”
This study investigates how clean hydrogen can be produced by a nuclear energy source in huge amounts, high quality, and at a reasonable cost without emitting any carbon.

The report can be viewed here.