Gujarat Tenders For 16,417 Battery Operated Two & Three Wheelers

Gujarat Tenders For 16,417 Battery Operated Two & Three Wheelers With Latest Funding, Battery Smart To Expand Services In More Cities

The Gujarat Energy Development Agency (GEDA) has invited EOI (Expression of Interest) for Authorization of Manufacturers for marketing & distribution of battery-operated, low Speed & high-speed Two and Three-Wheelers with Lithium-Ion battery, under Gujarat’s GEDA BOV scheme. 

GEDA has invited separate EOIs for battery-operated 11000 two-wheelers and 5,417 three-wheelers (E-rickshaw) under the subsidy for the year 2021-2022 from interested reputed manufacturers only. Also, the manufacturers registered during 2020-21 can submit their bids for their new models only. 

The last date for interested manufacturers to submit their EOIs is 21 June 2021, and the offer opening will happen on the same day at the GEDA office. 

Manufacturers of low and high-speed, battery-operated, two-wheelers with li-ion battery have to pay an Ernest Money Deposit (EMD) of Rs. 7,50,000 while the manufacturers of battery-operated E-rickshaws with li-ion battery, have to pay an EMD of Rs. 15,00,000. However, both of them have to pay a non-refundable tender processing fee of RS. 10,000. 

The work should be completed within the completion period i.e. 31 March 2022, and no work assigned to the manufacturer shall be carried forward to the next financial year. The Manufacturer needs to comply with all rules, regulations, laws, and bylaws enforced by local and State Govt. and also the organization on whose premises the work has to be done.

Back in January 2020, in its effort to promote electric vehicle adoption in the state, GEDA implemented a program for the distribution of battery-operated vehicles (BOVs) especially two-wheelers and E-rickshaws with a subsidy of RS. 10,000 and 40,000, respectively.

GEDA has assigned a criteria of ‘reputation’ in the market too, with the threat of summarily dismissing from contention manufacturers who donot have a solid reputation. While that might be based on fly by night importers of chinese made equipment, it risks being misused to dismiss newer start ups in the sector too.

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