Envision AESC to produce EV batteries that run 1000 km from single charge

Highlights :

  • The company will start its production of the new EV batteries in 2024 and raise the total battery production to 10 times from the current base.
  • The company is presently supplying 90% of its batteries to Nissan.
Envision AESC to produce EV batteries that run 1000 km from single charge

Leading Japan headquartered  electric vehicles’ battery manufacturer Envision AESC Group is working on a battery for the EV segment that can run a  1,000 km on a single charge.

Envision AESC Group is jointly owned by Envision Group and Nissan. It has been learnt that the company will begin production of the new battery technology at scale in 2024. Nikkei says that the company will double the number of batteries in an EV that will make the EV heavier but significantly increase the mileage. the company has a global manufacturing capacity of  7.5 GWh+20 GWh, with the 20 GWh plant in China. Other plants are in Japan, the US, and UK.

The battery conglomerate will commence the industrial production of the highly efficient batteries in its new plant in Ibaraki Prefecture, which is near Tokyo, Japan. Ibaraki Prefecture plant will host a new production line specifically for the new batteries and it will consume solar energy produced from the panels installed within the factory premises. This is again a route to reduce the carbon footprint of the production line.

Carmaker giant Nissan is the key customer of Envision AESC Group. The company supplies 90% of all the batteries to Nissan and just 10% lands elsewhere. At present, the Nissan LEAF electric vehicle employs batteries made by Envision AESC and it offers a mileage of 450 km.

In the novel batteries that are being worked upon , Nissan is expected to pack the cells closely together to heighten the storage efficiency. The charging time with regards to the new batteries will also be cut short from 30 minutes to mere 20 minutes.

Renewable energy major Envision Group has an 80% stake in Envision AESC and Nissan has the remaining 20%. It’s one of the leading battery suppliers in the world based on shipping volume.

Envision AESC Group has also planned to set up manufacturing plants in Japan, France, China, the UK and the USA by 2030 as it also aims to sell all-solid-state batteries. The actual plan is to expand the capacity of all-solid-state batteries and lithium-ion batteries to a level equivalent to about 1.1 million EVs.

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