Lithium ion

Metastable Materials Launches R&D & Innovation Centre in Bengaluru

Urban mining startup Metastable Materials has inaugurated its maiden R&D and Innovation Centre in Bengaluru. The centre will look at accomplishing the multi-fold goals of carrying out equipment fabrication, design and development, and process optimization, among other strategic ambitions. The company’s newly-inaugurated facility, spread over a total area of 5,000 sq. ft., is equipped with […]

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Nunam Will Deploy The Used Batteries of Audi In E-Rickshaw

Indo-German startup Nunam has found a way to recycle and use the used batteries of luxury car Audi. A press release by the startup on June 15 claimed that the recycled batteries of Audi will be used as a pilot project in the e-rickshaws already mainstreaming the commuting system for the office goers particularly across […]

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Vedanta Aluminium Commissions India’s Largest Li-Ion Forklifts Fleet

India’s largest aluminum producer and private sector miner, Vedanta Aluminium has announced commissioning India’s largest electric fleet of 27 forklifts. This electric fleet is powered by lithium-ion batteries. This is the first step in Vedanta Aluminium’s attempts to decarbonize its industrial vehicle fleet, and it was done in collaboration with GEAR (Gemini Equipment and Rentals […]

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Zinc–air Battery Technology By IIT Madras Hopes to Challenge Lithium-Ion ones

Researchers at IIT Madras are in the process of developing a new kind of zinc – air battery technology for electric vehicles that can prove to be a strong alternative to lithium-ion ones. A key feature of the zinc – air battery is that it could be charged mechanically. However, actual details of the technology […]

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BMW EVs Will Shift From Prismatic To Cheaper Cylindrical Battery Cells

German Auto major BMW has sealed a deal with CATL, Chinese battery manufacturer, for its future electric cars. BMW will use the cylindrical lithium-ion battery cells for EVs starting in 2025. Its significance lies in the fact that BMW has so far used the prismatic cell format for its EVs. Although the prismatic cells are […]

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Sulfur Batteries of Theion Offers 3X Energy Capacity, Affordability

Berlin based battery start up Theion is coming up with its ‘Crystal Battery’ which – in comparison to lithium-ion batteries – increases the energy density of the cell by three times, requires 90 per cent less energy to produce them and costs far less. According to Theion, the Crystal Batteries employ lithium-sulphur cathode technology and […]

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Renewable Energy to Power First Lithium Mines of North America

Canadian mining major Snow Lake Lithium which has plans to open the first lithium mine in North America in the near future says the mining will be done using renewable energy completely. As per Snow Lake Lithium, the lithium resource mining will start in the province of Manitoba in Canada in 2024 or 2025. The […]

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Envision AESC to produce EV batteries that run 1000 km from single charge

Leading Japan headquartered  electric vehicles’ battery manufacturer Envision AESC Group is working on a battery for the EV segment that can run a  1,000 km on a single charge. Envision AESC Group is jointly owned by Envision Group and Nissan. It has been learnt that the company will begin production of the new battery technology […]

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SES completes merger with ‘Ivanhoe’ to complete SPAC listing at NYSE

Liquid metal battery firm SES AI Corporation or ‘SES’ has declared that it has closed the business combination of SES Holdings and Ivanhoe Capital Acquisition Corp or ‘Ivanhoe’, a Special Purpose Acquisition Vehicle(SPAC). The quest for this acquisition was announced previously and now it stands complete. With this, SES is listed on the New York […]

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