Author: Junaid Shah

The Top 5: Expectations From COP 27

On Nov 7, at the ongoing World Leaders’ Summit at COP27, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres unveiled the “Early Warnings for All” Action Plan, in a bid to ensure early warning systems to the communities – least developed countries and small island developing states – still not covered with early warning systems. The plan calls for […]

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Three Firms That Have Surprised Us With Their Plunge Into EV Charging

The EV charging business–fueling a car with electric power rather than petroleum-based gas or diesel – has always been a loss for oil companies who are being dragged into the electric future. It may not be that way anymore. With an increase of EVs on roads, many old industrial mammoths, especially major oil firms, are […]

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The Top 5: Largest EV Charging Station Companies In India

The Indian EV charging station market is highly fragmented as several private and public entities are setting up charging infrastructure in various locations across India. Different types of EV chargers are available in the Indian market comprising Type 1, Type 2, AC and DC, unidirectional and bidirectional charging catering to e4W (electric 4-wheeler), e3W (electric […]

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The Top 5: Largest EV Charging Station Companies In The World

Fossil-fuels-based cars are getting replaced by fast-emerging electric vehicles (EVs) with sales of the latter increasing tremendously over the past decade, especially the last two years. As per the latest data, 2021 was a record-setting year as EV sales doubled to around 6.9 million EVs worldwide. The rise of EVs also saw the emergence of […]

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Solar PV Technicians: Facilitators of Solar Panels In India

We talk a lot about how India is treading towards its aim of replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy, and how solar panels, and the clean energy they generate, have contributed significantly to this transition. But at a micro level, there must be an entity facilitating consumers’ adaptation to solar power. Who is this entity […]

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European Offshore Wind Companies Push Into Asian Offshore Wind Market

The world is watching as Chinese companies take on the offshore wind market. As per S&P Global Market Intelligence, Chinese turbines today cost less than half the global average. It places the Chinese in advantageous positions for expansion in less established wind markets such as Latin America and Eastern Europe. Although Chinese offshore wind majors […]

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Are Tulip Turbines Favourable To India?

Wind farms harness wind and generate renewable energy. But windmills are out of context for practical reasons when it comes to developing renewable energy around the city or in the city. The industry is trying to invent and innovate technology to find some breakthrough  to counter the problems of size and space when we talk […]

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Resurgence of Heterojunction (HJT) Solar Panels

After being overlooked initially for many years, there has been a resurgence of interest in Heterojunction technology (HJT) in the last couple of years. From Reliance to Goldi Solar, many private players in India have shown a growing interest in HJT solar technology. It is intriguing that the Indian market is witnessing an escalating interest […]

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Rising EV: The State Of EV Sector In India

India is riding fast toward its goal of carbon neutrality by the year 2070. Naturally, the transportation sector, one of the biggest polluters, has to be brought under green cover if the nation wants to reduce the emissions intensity of its GDP by 45 per cent by 2030 – a medium-term goal. The electric vehicle […]

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