Author: Junaid Shah

Solar Manufacturing Seeks A China Fix As Regions Push For Energy Security

Solar manufacturing, until now synonymous with giant factories in China is now finding its roots in several new hotspots worldwide. Initiatives to boost solar manufacturing are being taken worldwide as the world has accelerated the efforts to shift to renewables in a bid to move toward a sustainable future. Notably, over the last decade, the […]

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NTPC Renewables Report Card: The State of The PSU’s Renewable Efforts

India’s national generator, NTPC, works for and is under the ownership of the Ministry of Power, Government of India. It is engaged in the generation of electricity and allied activities. The company is positioned at the helm of the Indian power sector and is the largest power producer in the country. NTPC is also actively […]

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India’s Policy Framework For Low-Carbon Electricity Generation

India recently submitted its Long-term Low-Carbon Development strategy to the requirements of the Paris Agreement. The South Asian country aims to go carbon-neutral by 2070, requiring adopting new technological developments while taking care of all the associated risks. For this, the Policy framework that the country adopts will matter the most in its transition to […]

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The Top 5: Why Data Centres Are A Favourite To Shift To Renewable Energy

Whenever you use the internet, you’re connecting to one of the millions of servers distributed across hundreds of data centres located worldwide. Yes, these are the ‘cloud’ servers every digital user today is familiar with. While they are crucial for tech giants, people may not realise that these centres, with their extensive security requirements, and […]

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EVgo: A Convenient, Reliable, & Affordable EV Charging Network

USA’s EVgo offers a public fast-charging network for electric vehicles, currently operating in metro markets across the country. Since its founding in 2010, the firm has been building its presence in cleaner transportation and has become the largest public DC fast-charging network for EVs in the US. Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, EVgo leads the […]

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The 5 Key Takeaways From CoP27

Time is ticking and catastrophic natural events are on the verge of becoming a new normal for human existence. The uncertain times of economic and regional instabilities are marred by dreadful climate events across the globe – from floods in Pakistan to raging forest fires in Australia. The signs are clear for the policymakers and […]

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Solar Roofs: Countering Ecological Concerns of Installing Solar Farms in India?

When one speaks of solar rooftops, generally an image of solar panels on private residences or small commercial buildings comes to mind. However, solar roofs are increasingly becoming a crucial source of generating renewable rooftop solar power worldwide. In addition to its solar rooftop installations on individual residences, India also needs to realise the potential […]

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A South American Success Story In Renewables – Chile

South American nation Chile has emerged as a surprise success story when it comes to adding renewables. The country has nearly 22 per cent of its electricity demand met by solar and wind farms. The country is an over-achiever, making impressive progress since 2008, the year Chilean Law set the Non-Conventional Renewable Energy Target to […]

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Will Hydrogen Contribute Toward Energy Transition Of India?

The first few days of CoP27 have shown quite an enthusiasm for the potential of hydrogen to the energy transition. Government and private leaders have endorsed hydrogen as an opportunity and solution to decarbonise the economy. While the countries in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region are eager to exploit the potential of […]

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