HPL’Solar DC Distribution Box (DCDB)

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  • The DC distribution unit is used to collect the DC output from Array Junction Box (AJB) and supply it to the inverter
  • DC Distribution Box provides flexibility for the operator of the solar power plant to disconnect and connect both inward solar supply and battery terminals
  • In the HPL DC Distribution Box we have two sections one is the solar section and the other is the battery section
  • In each section of our DC Distribution Box there is MCB/MCCB and a fuse of proper rating depending upon the capacity of the power plant and the battery bank are used
  • DC Distribution Box isolates battery bank & inverter from any electric surge, while making maintenance easier and enhancing system reliability.
  • Our series of PV DCDB is designed to deliver high performance and better reliability of PV Combiner Box attached to access Inverters
  • It is added to the inverter for minimizing the system installation time and maximizing the Inverter safety

Solar DC Distribution Box


  • All of HPL-DC Distribution boxes is tested/certified as per IEC/IS standard
  • The enclosure is accessible only via the tools in order to ensure the protection
  • Customizable based solution as per customer needs & requirements
  • Reliable electric safety to avoid hazard
  • Easy and decent Cable management
  • Wall mounting design for easy installation and maintenance
  • Every terminal is secured and weather proof for outdoor applications also, highly secure wiring, besides being insulated with PG Cable Gland or built-in MC4 terminal connector on demand
  • Protects the system if there is any fault during failure in DC side
DCDB-01011 IN 1 OUT
DCDB-02022 IN 2 OUT
DCDB-03033 IN 3 OUT
DCDB-04044 IN 4 OUT
DCDB-06066 IN 6 OUT
DCDB-08088 IN 8 OUT
DCDB-101010 IN 10 OUT

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