wind power generation

Wind Power Now Accounts For 8% Of Global Generation

A surge in Chinese offshore installations has pushed global wind capacity additions to nearly 100 GW for 2021, according to new research from Rethink Energy. Hitting 92.5 GW for the year, the figure surpassed expectations of 86.4 GW, despite additions falling by 25% compared to 2020. The findings are set out in a new report […]

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India’s Solar and Wind Generation in Q1, 2021, Versus Q1, 2020 Results for Solar, Wind Generation

We believe it is time the focus on solar and wind shifted to generation, not just capacity building. Because generation is eventually what matters, what contributes to carbon emissions reductions. And yes, finally, dependable data on the subject is available, thanks to the much more timely CEA, as well as options like the India Renewables […]

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Climate Change Affecting India’s Wind Power Generation: Study

Increased warming in the Indian Ocean and the resultant weakening of the Indian summer monsoon may come in the way of India’s goal of leading the world’s wind power generation. The potential electricity production has reduced by about 13% in the past 40 years Researchers from Harvard University, US, and National Climate Center in Beijing, […]

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The Dark Truth of QCA: Who is Paying Whose Penalty?

By Abhk Kumar Das, Del2infinity Energy Consulting The solar and wind power generation shows a promising future in India. But due to the variability and intermittency, large scale renewable energy penetration in existing grid is a challenge and the proper policy and regulatory mechanisms, technological solutions and institutional structures are key issues in solar and […]

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