India’s Solar and Wind Generation in Q1, 2021, Versus Q1, 2020 Results for Solar, Wind Generation

Highlights :

  • For too long, the renewable energy numbers have been focused on capacity. Its time to shift to generation numbers to put a realistic picture of the progress made.
  • Wind also makes a case with its higher efficiency, despite falling behind on total capacity.
India’s Solar and Wind Generation in Q1, 2021, Versus Q1, 2020 Results for Solar, Wind Generation

We believe it is time the focus on solar and wind shifted to generation, not just capacity building. Because generation is eventually what matters, what contributes to carbon emissions reductions. And yes, finally, dependable data on the subject is available, thanks to the much more timely CEA, as well as options like the India Renewables Dashboard. So lets jump in by starting with the Q1 of 2021.

In Q1 2021 (Apr-May-June) quarter, Solar + Wind generated 38665 million units of power to the country’s overall energy mix. This is an over16.1% growth over the 33282 million units that these two key renewable segments generated in Q1, 2020.

Within the figures for Q1 in 2021, Solar had a share of 18123 million units, or just around 46 percent of the total. Despite solar having overtaken wind in total capacity installations. The same share for solar in 2020 was close to 46% only, indicting the impact of seasonal performance perhaps. Best indicated by the Spike in Wind generation in June, even as solar stagnated.

Solar And Wind Generation, MU (Million Units)

2020 April May June
Solar 5353 5618 4703
Wind 3474 6238 7896
2021 April May June
Solar 6122 5995 6006
Wind 3734 7083 9725

With Solar and wind accounting for over 80% of RE generation, we believe it makes sense to focus on these two, for now. At some stage, if the government provided data is robust and consistent enough, we will provide you with a detailed analysis of statewise performance too, and perhaps even the top performing projects.

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