Stanford University

DEWA Cooperates With Stanford University for R&D in Solar Energy

DEWA has announced its cooperation with Stanford University for research and development in the field of solar energy. The Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) has announced its cooperation with Stanford University in a number of research and development fields including radiation cooling to improve the efficiency and performance of solar panels, utilisation of autonomous […]

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Researchers Create Hydrogen Fuel From Seawater

A Stanford-led team has developed a way to harness seawater, Earth’s most abundant source, for chemical energy using solar energy. A team of researcher from Stanford University has devised a way to generate hydrogen fuel using solar power, electrodes and saltwater from San Francisco Bay. Their findings were published in the Proceedings of the National Academy […]

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Stanford University Announces Second Solar Plant, Fully Solar by 2021

Finalizing an agreement with Recurrent Energy for an 88-megawatt solar photovoltaic plant to be constructed in central California, the university has beaten California’s goal of going carbon-free by two decades. In a major solar push, Stanford University has announced its second solar power plant which will enable the university to go fully solar by late […]

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Na, K Mixture Doubles Max Volt of Flow Battery

The two metals when mixed form a liquid metal at room temperature which has at least 10 times the available energy per gram as other elements for the negative-side fluid of a flow battery. The use of flow batteries to store intermittent renewable energy is still a far cry due to the limited amount of […]

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Imagining Application of Water to Store Renewable Power is a Step-Away! 

This revolutionary yet cheap technology can store Solar and Wind energy subsequently and then easily can be fed to the grid and later redistributed when the demand is high. Imagining water to store electricity can surely make your drink one more glass right-away as scientist have discovered a battery that is known to operate through […]

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