Servotech and NSEFI Signs Contract to Install a Solar-Powered EV Charging Carport

To complete the development of a solar-powered, EV charger-enabled carport as part of a pilot demonstration, NSE-listed Servotech Power Systems Limited has struck an agreement with the National Solar Energy Federation of India (NSEFI), one of the leading solar bodies of India. With the aid of this pilot project, NSEFI has given Servotech a platform […]

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Sun King Table Solar Fan Set (20 W)

PRODUCT BRIEF: The Sun King Solar Fan is the perfect solar emergency fan that you can rely on during power cuts. PRODUCT FEATURES: The Sun King Solar Fan uses Brushless DC Motor (BLDC), creating a uniquely quiet, user-friendly and flexible design. By delivering a long running time of 18 hours on a single charge, it […]

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ELEPHANTBOAT® Solar Fountain Pump

PRODUCT BRIEF: Solar-powered water fountain that makes your garden more dynamic and beautiful. PRODUCT FEATURES: The solar fountain pump floats on water without needing electricity. The water fountain runs automatically when the sunlight hits the solar panel as it’s powered by solar energy. When the fountain is not in water or impurities are stuck in […]

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WattEV to Build ‘Megawatt E-Truck Stop’; aims for 12,000 HD Electric Trucks on California Roads by 2030

A small start-up with big ambitions is making a serious splash in the truck transport world by building the nation’s first 25-megawatt, solar-powered, electric-only public truck stop to serve electric truck transport between California’s fast-growing Central Valley and Southern California’s bustling ports and shipping hubs. WattEV, founded by an experienced team of telecommunications and satellite […]

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WeeyLock- Solar-Powered Smart Bike Lock

PRODUCT BRIEF: WeeyLock is the smartest solar powered bike lock ever made. PRODUCT FEATURES: WeeyLock comes with a Smartphone unlock and Key fob unlock. It has a theft alert alarm. Being solar powered, it performs self-charging, and it also has GPS tracking system and records the cycling data as well. WeeyLock is waterproof. Weeylock supports […]

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The VEGAN Electric Self-Charging Solar Tricycle

Product Brief: World’s lightest weight multipurpose electric & solar-powered tricycle, made from lightweight fiberglass & aluminum, which also recharges as it moves, for a maximum range of 120 km per charge. PRODUCT FEATURES: Equipped with self-charging and solar, it has a claimed range of 120 km+, and can carry a fully charged battery to be swapped […]

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MiTo – Solar Powered Smart Water Bottles

Product Brief: Are you the type who forgets to drink water in time, or stay hydrated? Then Mito’s solar powered smart bottle provides a smarter and greener way to hydrate. Mito reminders supplement your natural thirst function to ensure you are always hydrated. The stainless steel bottle also hopes to decrease use of plastic water […]

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Solar-Powered UV Cleaning

PRODUCT FEATURES: Ultraviolet (UV) light will get the best and precise cleaning up to termination of all kinds of germs and nanoparticles. Ultraviolet also provides a self-cleaning option for the cleaning piece. The viruses and microorganisms are completely inactivated in just one stroke of Polly. Polly combines the effectiveness and health of special UV-C type rays. The cleaning surface of Polly is mix of […]

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Solgaard Solar Boombox

PRODUCT BRIEF: The Solarbank Boombox is a 3-in-1: Powerbank, Bluetooth Speakers, and Solar powered unit. It can charge your phone, play your music and can be topped up with natural solar light when outside. PRODUCT FEATURES: The Boombox battery contains enough charge in one cycle to charge a mobile phone five times, or 90 hours of music […]

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