The VEGAN Electric Self-Charging Solar Tricycle

The VEGAN Electric Self-Charging Solar Tricycle

The VEGAN Electric Self-Charging Solar Tricycle

Product Brief:

World’s lightest weight multipurpose electric & solar-powered tricycle, made from lightweight fiberglass & aluminum, which also recharges as it moves, for a maximum range of 120 km per charge.


Equipped with self-charging and solar, it has a claimed range of 120 km+, and can carry a fully charged battery to be swapped to double the range to over 240 km. It is the lowest weight multipurpose tricycle ever designed; with a high strength threshold and a lowered production cost which results in better efficiency & of course, affordability. Producing an average speed of 30 km/h & a top speed of 70 km/h by increased acceleration through an internal gear hub, and of course has zero carbon emissions.


Light weight solar powered tricycle with a capacity of four passengers.


Operates on 100% solar power or electricity from the grid & self-charges as it moves. It uses a simplistic cost-effective design & materials to come up with an aerodynamic, high-efficiency vehicle with a minimum unit cost. A built-in GPS tracking system & safety features, including a 12V AC outlet for your gadgets such as Bluetooth speakers & charging your phone complete the package.


The product is available in various options; INR 18,397; INR 36,794; INR 55,192; INR 73,589. It is available at firm’s website

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