Solgaard Solar Boombox

Solgaard Solar Boombox

PRODUCT BRIEF: The Solarbank Boombox is a 3-in-1: Powerbank, Bluetooth Speakers, and Solar powered unit. It can charge your phone, play your music and can be topped up with natural solar light when outside.

PRODUCT FEATURES: The Boombox battery contains enough charge in one cycle to charge a mobile phone five times, or 90 hours of music via Bluetooth. The 10,000 mAh battery takes 4 hours of charge in sunlight to power one phone.

APPLICATION: Power bank and Music Speaker

PRODUCT BENEFITS: The Solarbank boombox can be charged using micro-USB, or let it bask in the sun to top it up using its solar panels. 1 hour of sun = 2 hours of music. The product is also compatible with the firms’ Lifeback backpacks.

AVAILABILITY: The product is available for purchase on select e-commerce websites and the firms’ website and retails for ~ USD 125 dollars

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