MiTo – Solar Powered Smart Water Bottles

MiTo - Solar Powered Smart Water Bottles

Product Brief:

Are you the type who forgets to drink water in time, or stay hydrated? Then Mito’s solar powered smart bottle provides a smarter and greener way to hydrate. Mito reminders supplement your natural thirst function to ensure you are always hydrated. The stainless steel bottle also hopes to decrease use of plastic water bottles, while its snazzy features make the bottle stand out.


It is solar powered, so you get a temperature display for your water. It also gives you reminders every 45 minutes, to drink up. And a companion app will even measure your water consumption for you.


The Mito bottle is available in various models for INR 1,822; INR 2,595; INR 3,975 and in dual packs also, on the firm’s website.

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