Solar-Powered UV Cleaning

Solar-Powered UV Cleaning

PRODUCT FEATURES: Ultraviolet (UV) light will get the best and precise cleaning up to termination of all kinds of germs and nanoparticles. Ultraviolet also provides a self-cleaning option for the cleaning piece. The viruses and microorganisms are completely inactivated in just one stroke of Polly. Polly combines the effectiveness and health of special UV-C type rays. The cleaning surface of Polly is mix of nylon, cotton and polyester! Made to be in 4 layers Polly becomes perfect to cleaning all types of surfaces. Its head is made of Plexiglas, handle is made of recycled aluminum, and the cleaning piece- is made of materials that come with a 6 months warranty.

PRODUCT BRIEF: A solar powered, completely wireless Polly Cleaning tool with UV Light, having 4 cleaning layers with 2 Year Warranty.

PRODUCT APPLICATION: A cleaning tool that will make sure that everything is clean till the smallest Nano body. Cleans 4 types of floors.

PRODUCT BENEFITS: We strive to clean the places that must stay clean. Polly is wireless and gets charged from both natural and non-natural lights. It gets charged seamlessly with 2 hours of being in the solar light being enough for 6 hours of full usage.

AVAILABILITY: The Product is available in various models for INR 10,147; INR 4,672; INR 19,636 on the firm’s website.

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